Mission & Vision


The Municipality of Taysan, Batangas envisions a peaceful, orderly and healthy God-fearing citizenry nurtured by sound and democratic ideals for sustainable development anchored on good and participatory governance supported by freedom-loving Tayseños.


The Municipality of Taysan, Batangas is committed to continuously develop a peaceful, self-reliant , progressive and modernized community through the implementation of relevant and responsive local development programs by a group of friendly, supported dedicated and honest public servant in an environment of peace and unity.

Service Pledge

We, the municipal government officials and employees of the Municipality of Taysan, Batangas, to the best of our knowledge and abilities commit ourselves to perform our sworn duties and responsibilities to formulate the Citizen’s Charter of our beloved municipalities pursuant to RA 11032, and lay the groundwork of the frontline services of each department for efficient and effective delivery to our constituents, thereby empowering the people through transparent and active participation in local development and governance